“Rapper” shoots into wrong house kills little girl

A 9 year-old  child dead, and why, because this little thug felt disrespected? Try him, convict him, since he has confessed, and then put a bullet in his head Fuck trash like this


The Dallas Police Department announced a primary suspect in the shooting death of 9-year-old Brandoniya Bennett. He is Tyrese Simmons, age 19.

According to intel received by the Dallas Police Department, Simmons, went to Roseland Town Homes, at 3535 Munger Avenue to confront a person. When the person refused to come out of the apartment, Simmons, circled around to the back of the apartment complex and opened fire on the wrong apartment, fatally striking Brandoniya who was inside at the time.

The police discovered that the shooter and the intended target consider themselves rappers who used social media to disparage the other. This confrontation ultimately led to the shooting.

2 thoughts on ““Rapper” shoots into wrong house kills little girl”

  1. Rapping, the only genre in which if you don’t like what’s being performed they’ll bust a cap in your a$$. Let’s see opera raise to that level. The 3 Tenors go on a spree!

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