Yes, Mika and the rest of the knuckle-dragging, paste-eating morons at MSNBS are demented

Good Freaking Grief they are the Tin Foil Hat Brigade! Eugene Robinos, babbling like a senile old fool, Mika, spewing her idiocy and Joe, with his douchey hairdo nodding his head all the while. Diogenes offers thoughts

Trump Derangement Syndrome at its Most Unhinged.

Thinking it would be hard to top the sheer vile slander uttered by Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show Monday, actually claiming that DJT is “talking about exterminating Latinos”, Mika Brzezinski takes TDS to an ugly new level with her accusations against DJT, actually accused the President of wanting mass murders to happen:

Do these pinheads believe their own BS? I am starting to think some actually do. Sure, most of the clowns are doing it to stay on TV, and to try to get a Democrat elected in 2020, but some of these are true believers. Odd, these folks spend their time trying to convince us that Trump is causing/wanting mass shootings to happen, and that there are White Supremacists behind every corner. Yet it is them that spread division, hate, and sow the seeds for violence. They are not talking policies here, they are using rabid language meant to stir up as much hate and fear as possible. I found this and thought it sums up my thoughts as to how dangerous this is getting

The new narrative from the Left, being pounded into soft Leftist skulls, is that Donald Trump is the evil leader of a massive army of murderous white supremacists, all of whom – including you – should be rounded up and “eradicated.”

We wish we were exaggerating, but we’re not. The tortured and preposterous argument that Trump is using American flag protocol to send secret messages to neo-Nazis was a real exchange on MSNBC, as was a news anchorette’s solemn statement to viewers that President Trump is “talking about exterminating Latinos.” Which, we should mention as a small point of clarification, he effing isn’t.

According to pretty much every Democrat running for president, Trump is the worst kind of racist, sexist, genocidal white supremacist…as is every single person who cast a vote for Trump, even if that vote was cast solely to keep Hillary’s thoroughly corrupt keister out of the Oval Office. We all pulled the triggers at the mass shootings, we’re all drenched in blood and, to hear the Left tell it, nothing could make us happier. There are no gradations or extenuating circumstances in the Left’s rhetoric: every Trump supporter embodies ultimate evil, and none of us will deserve mercy when Civil War II breaks out. When

This isn’t the kind of garden variety nonsense we’re used to hearing from the Left. This is dangerous and inflammatory, quite literally the sort of insane rhetoric that Adolf Hitler used to inspire an epidemic of madness and murder that tore the world apart. Now, half of our population is being force fed lies around the clock to foment the kind of hate and division which will result in more, not fewer, deaths of innocents.

The threat from the social arsonists on the Left is real, deliberate, and growing.

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