So, a good guy with a gun is a fallacy?

the Cult of Gun Control hates firearms more than they hate anything else. They tend to develop sincere butt hurt anytime someone say armed citizens are a deterrent to violence. They also HATE concealed carry, despite stories like this one

An armed man who was reportedly wearing body armor and carrying tactical weapons with more than 100 rounds of ammunition around a Walmart in Missouri was held at gunpoint Thursday afternoon by an “off-duty” firefighter.

Described by some reports as a “former” firefighter, the good Samaritan waited with the heavily-armed man until authorities arrived.

The Springfield Police Department was called at around 4:10 p.m. on Thursday afternoon after the armed man walked into Walmart, grabbed a cart and started recording himself while walking around the store, accordingto KY3.

The store manager proceeded to pull the fire alarm to get everyone out of the store. The armed man went through an emergency exit and that is when the former firefighter sprung into action, the police say.

Who knows what the intention of this guy were. To just film himself, get some publicity and fame? A dry run? Maybe he was gauging reaction? Maybe he was nutting up to pull off a shooting at some later point? Or maybe he would have started shooting at some point. We may never know for sure. But we do know there was no shooting there. And maybe this guy will get some help, looks like he needs it

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