Donnie Douche dividing America again

Here goes the left again, divide, attack, divide, throw around false charges of RAAAAACISM

With a focus on publicly shaming Trump donors, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” zeroed in on Stephen Ross, the successful real estate developer who owns the upscale health club, Equinox, and SoulCycle, after a Washington Post story on a lavish fundraiser Ross is planning for President Trump.

The article resulted in the expected outrage from the intolerant left, to include calls for a boycott of the companies owned by Ross, and MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch, in a furtherance of the prescribed narrative of the week, that Trump is responsible for last weekends mass shootings, responded with a blanket statement to all Trump supports: “You own the blood that happens.”

“Stephen Ross, to me, is the epitome, this election comes down to guys like that, and people saying ‘No. You don’t get to say I’m for racially quality and all these good things, I disagree with him there, but I like his economic views, I’m going to vote for…,’ No, you own it.”

Note these asshats are STILL pushing the patently false “Charlottesville” lies. Truly loathsome, smug individuals. I do not know how anyone gets up, gets ready for work, all the while knowing they are nothing but liars, who make their living lying.


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