So, now Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset?


Besides yelling racism at everyone, the democrat party and their media stenographers have only one other play in the playbook at this point, Russia. Anything they don’t like is Russia’s fault. Do you eat hamburgers? You’re probably a Russian sympathizer according to The Washington Post. Everything is tied to Russia, no matter how nonsensical the charge is. It never stops and that means it’s not going to stop in the Democratic primaries either.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard absolutely wrecked Kamala Harris at the last debate. In response, Kamala Harris picked herself up off the floor and gave a riveting counter to the attacks on her record.

Just kidding…….before Gabbards microphone had a chance to cool off, the Voodoo Queen’s Press Sec. was tweeting out accusing Gabbard of being a Russian agent. No really……

OHHH BOYYYY Bring on the crazy



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