Indentured Servitude? How about Hell no!

Oh those Democrats and their mandatory, coercive mindset. To be fair I have heard some Conservatives Republicans RINO types suggest mandatory national service as well over the years and, as Animal notes, they just do not get liberty

And then there’s this asshole.  Excerpt:

A presidential candidate hopes to break out from the back of the pack and into America’s hearts by promising to force America’s high school graduates to spend a year working for the government, whether they want to or not.

John Delaney has made it into the Democratic Primary debates this week, despite polling between 0 and 1 percent recently and looking and sounding like a character invented by Will Ferrell. Over the weekend he attempted to grab some attention by rolling out a plan for mandatory national service:

Under his plan, he explains on his site, “all Americans would be required to serve their country for at least one year, with an option to serve for two. This requirement would apply to everyone upon turning 18, no exceptions.”

Yeah, NO! Or, as Animal says

 “fuck off, slaver.”

Amen! Such a requirement would likely not stay 1 year, but would increase, especially if Democrats ever take the White House and gain any solid majorities in Congress 

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