Everything you really need to know about the Democratic debate

Did you miss the latest Democratic debates? Or maybe you knew it was going to be so sucktacular that you just skipped it entirely? Well, you are in luck! Mike McDaniel watched the first of the Detroit debacles, I mean debates, and offers up his summation of he suckage And, no, he could not watch it all either

I failed you, gentle readers.  I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. Fortunately, I didn’t need to watch the whole thing to get the essential message of the Democrat candidates: America is a terrible country full of racist terrible people, and every facet of American life is infected with the legacy of racism.

Rational people would not think this the kind of inspiring rhetoric that would cause Normal Americans to vote for Democrats.  Democrats don’t care.  They no longer so much as pretend to care about half the country, obviously thinking them deplorable and irredeemable, fit only to be ruled with as much force as required.

The “debate” was held in Detroit, which is actually doing much better economically under President Trump, but of course, Trump can be given no credit for anything, and Democrats are still in control of the city to limit the success of anything Mr. Trump does for Detroit residents–those few that still live there.

Ultimately, a large part of the problem is there are virtually no congressional Democrats willing to actually work with President Trump. Their entire legislative program appears to be nothing more than opposing anything he’s for, so as to deny him a “win.”  Trump Derangement Syndrome, you know.

The candidates, and CNN moderators–Don Lemon is quite insane and race-obsessed, injecting racist assumptions into his questions–ignored the Mueller Report.  There was nothing on Russia! or Collusion!, although all were more or less unified in their desperation to unseat Donald Trump, and all were the best qualified to do just that, particularly Buttigieg, because he’s gay, you know.  The moderators were immediately and roundly attacked forfailing to keep the Russia/Collusion narrative alive:

Go, read it all, and think the Heavens hat someone like Mike McDaniel sacrificed himself so you did not have to watch this

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