Pete Buttigieg is pretty judgemental

Forget the fact that a higher minimum wage hurts the poorest Americans. Forget the fact that the higher the minimum wage, the fewer hours workers will get  

Twenty-year-old Dillon Hodes understands that. He’s a winner of the video-making contest run by my charity, Stossel in the Classroom. Hodes saw what happened to his friend when the Kroger she worked at raised its minimum wage to $12 an hour.

“She was getting paid $12 an hour, but slowly, they started cutting her days, her hours. She was (eventually) regulated to only working on Sundays. That’s because she was young and inexperienced,” explains Hodes. “She’s worth the world to me, but she wasn’t worth $12 to Kroger.”

The $12 minimum wage took away her job. How much more damage will a $15 minimum do?

Rigel Nobel-Kosa, another video contest winner, pointed out that many high employment “countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland” have no minimum wage laws.

They do not end up with impoverished workers making a penny an hour. Wages, like all prices, are a function of supply and demand. Switzerland has much less unemployment than in the U.S.

Forget that the$15 an our “living wage” is another leftist smokescreen. Mayor Judgey has clearly forgotten that Christians are not supposed to be judgemental. And, as evidence shows, it is HIS policies that would hurt the poor, not the ideals of Conservatives

Oh Mayor Holier Than Thou, it is the economics stupid!

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