Then they came for the musicians

UH-OH the band Confederate Railroad has triggered more folks with Racial Obsession Syndrome

Following outcry from residents in Ulster County, Grammy-nominated country band Confederate Railroad has been removed from the music lineup at the Ulster County Fair.

John Fitzpatrick, head of the Ulster County Agricultural Society, told the Daily Freeman that the band was being removed due to concerns raised by County Executive Pat Ryan. Ryan had called for the performance to be removed due to the band’s name and use of the Confederate Flag in its logo.

“It’s racist to have a band called ‘Confederate Railroad’ play at the Ulster County Fair,” wrote Rashida Tyler on Facebook. “What were organizers thinking when they booked an act that had been booted by the Illinois State Fair because of not only their name, but their use of the confederate flag? Guarantee no folks of color were at that table.”

RAAAAACIST! You see Here is more ignorance from these buffoons. Tyler wrote this on facebook


So, I Hate Rap, and She Took it Like a Man offend poor Rashida? Here is the video of She Took it Like a Man

What is offensive about that video or song? Has Tyler ever even heard it? Or did the title trigger her?

What about I Hate Rap? Maybe no one is allowed to even criticize certain musical genres? Bigotry concerns her it seems. Then maybe she should look in her mirror and correct her own bigotry first?

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