Former Yankee great elected to Hall of Fame, Outrageously Outraged Outrage Mob goes nuts

Why would anyone lose their mind over Mariano Rivera making the Hall of Fame? Moonbattery shows us

Mariano Rivera was the greatest closer in the history of baseball. He is also a class act who has done Yankee heritage proud. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame Sunday on a unanimous vote, the first ever. Moonbats want you to hate him.

From the odious Daily Beast:

[Rivera has] served at the pleasure of a racist president, taken part in thinly veiled propaganda on behalf of a far-right government in Israel, and gotten chummy with outright bigots and apocalyptic loons. None of this will be inscribed on his Hall of Fame plaque. It should, even if much of the sports world would very much like to pretend none of it exists.

Soooo, what did Riveral actually do to deserve such moronic condemnation?

So, he wanted to do his best to counter the opioid epidemic ravaging many Americans? How dare he try to help people! How dare President Trump do his best to help!

No, how dare the knuckle-dragging, paste-eating Neanderthals on the left be so hae filled and bigoted. How dare they attack a man like Rivera because he wanted to work with the president to HELP people! To HELP save lives. How dare they attack a man for wanting to do good rather than spewing venom and hate.

Guy Benson has more

There’s now an unmistakable fad in woke, clickbait ‘journalism’ that seeks to ruin or diminish someone or something by calling it out as “problematic” on an otherwise celebratory occasion.  For example, the petty op/eds published around July 4th arguing that America is actually mediocre at best.  Or stories highlighting the dredged up, years-old tweets of athletes or entertainers enjoying a moment in the spotlight for their achievements.  Or the nasty attacks on HGTV’s star couple, or a lovable Hollywood leading man, because they happen to be people of faith who don’t grovel at the alter of liberal orthodoxy.  Or the embarrassing left-wing hot takes printed to align with the 50th anniversary of one of America’s greatest national achievements:

But Rivera supports Israel and the left hates Israel, because, well, Israel supports human rights, as Benson explains

He’s also spoken out about his ardent support of Israel, the only Jewish state on earth, a conviction informed by his Christian faith. The ‘far-right’ government mentioned is the Netanyahu government, which has ruled for years by…winning election after election. Israel is the only fully functioning liberal democracy in the region. Unlike its neighbors, it respects religious pluralism, protects women’s rights, and hosts gay pride parades. Yet it is framed the problem by its fanatical opponents, many of whom are anti-Semitic bigots.

Go read the rest of Benson’s piece, it is awesome, and exposes how full of hate, sheer hate the left really is. Much of their hate is spurred on by their over emotional, reactionary state of mind. Add to that they rarely think, or research, they just react. Open minds? Critical thinking? Actually engaging in research rather than blindly swallowing every talk point the left feeds them? NO!

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