For God’s sake can we STOP letting murderers out of prison?

Sorry, but some crimes need to be punished so that the perpetrator NEVER gets out to do it again

The feeble old man walking is usually not someone you have to worry about day-to-day. The young guy who is looking for trouble might be another matter, but not the old man.

That line of thinking impacted a judge’s decision to parole a convicted murderer. He was old and, therefore, harmless.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

A man who served decades in prison for stabbing his wife 14 times in front of her daughter was convicted Wednesday in a nearly identical crime — stabbing a woman at least 11 times while her twin children watched.

Albert Flick, 77, who was previously deemed too old to be a threat by a judge, was convicted in the 2018 death of Kimberly Dobbie. Jurors deliberated less than an hour before reaching its guilty verdict.

Both the attack, which was in front of a laundromat in broad daylight, and Flick’s purchase two days earlier of two knives, were caught on surveillance video.

Sick old bastard should have rotted in jail, but a judge thought he was “too old”

To make matters worse is that it wasn’t like Flick didn’t give off warning signs. There was reason to recognize that he was a violent man with violent tendencies besides his first murder.

In 2010, he was sentenced again for assaulting another woman. The judge at the time ignored the recommendation of the prosecutor for a longer sentence, saying Flick would not be a threat because of his age and it didn’t make sense to keep him incarcerated. He was released and moved to Lewiston in 2014.

So, he served four years? FOUR! For murder? God help us

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