3 thoughts on “Friday Pics”

  1. Boy howdy –

    Like what I’ve seen on yours for a while so I added you to my Blog Roll. We have similar senses of humor – sorta.

    Ya really gotta update your blog roll. Some of them have been dead for quite a while…

    You in FL? I’m in Lady Lake (near the Villages) ergo my blog name.

    Take a look at mine and if ya like what ya see I’d be honored if you added me to your blog list.


    Joe Jackson


  2. It is the love of money is which the root of all evil.

    Apostle Paul was instructing Timothy, Paul’s spiritual son, Paul being mentor, that some had traded their ‘godliness’ for earthly riches. It was a very poor trade. If they are apt to trade their most valuable possession for something so fleeting, imagine the mischief and trouble they would cause for any trite reason. It was, and is, a warning to not associate with such persons.

    1. Quite right Rick, it’s amazing how often that truism is misquoted. To gild refined gold, to paint the lily is most often quoted as to gild the lily and Bogie didn’t say “Play it again Sam.”

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