Defining what the left is

Good piece at PJ Media by David Solway

Commenting on Rush Limbaugh’s passionate denunciation of the spirit of anti-American leftism that is destroying the country, Lloyd Marcus, who blogs at The Unhyphenated American, agrees that the time has come to say “No!” He concludes, with Limbaugh, “It is time that we take action to take back our country. It is time that we say no to anti-American traitors and anti-biblical cultural assassins.”

This is a sentiment that cannot honorably be refuted. The problem is trying to decide what saying “No!” actually means. Merely saying “No!” is obviously a futile gesture and will produce little to nothing in the way of results. The question is how to translate “No!” into action. Debate and discussion with any of the manifestations of the left is a non-starter since the left does not debate or discuss. It adheres to a rigid orthodoxy that will allow no reconsideration or reflection on the putative axioms it regards as sacred. It is, in essence, the contemporary version of Bolshevism. The left will lie, slander, cheat and commit violence to further its goals. Its mind is deadbolted shut.

Go read the whole thing but i had to include this

The Democrats, for example, are no longer an established political party but a revolutionary organism bent on scrapping the Constitution. Antifa is a guerilla outfit reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, the Red Brigade and Baader-Meinhof. The media have become outright propaganda bullhorns for the left. None of these are trading partners. They are not economic rivals. They are not foreign nations that have to take American military power and punishing tariffs into account. They are fifth columns that are irremediably corrupt, extremist by nature, and absolutely relentless.

2 thoughts on “Defining what the left is”

  1. i like rush for the entertainment value
    his politically correct and ghetto speak often makes me turn him off

  2. The article asks what exactly is saying, ‘No’ then goes on to say what the socialists are and are not. Again, I see people saying they we need to push back, even to say they are pushback…but that is as far as it goes.

    So let me say what everyone is thinking. To pushback is to physically get in their face, to become as violent as necessary, to not shrink from violence. Because, as is well known, as is even stated in the article, attempts at debate or dialog is a fool’s errand; there is no positive outcome.

    Unlike the leftist/progressive/socialist/communist, we do not look for the new thing. We want back the old thing, not for nostalgic sake but because it worked. And, what they push for is what we have seen fail time and time again.

    We push to defend, they push to invade. God, then country is my aim. And yours. Where is YOUR line? How much will you stand? How much will you tolerate? A monumental surprise attack is not coming. Neither is the assassination of an arch duke. What we are seeing in sappers inside the wire here and here and there. Small team infiltration. Waiting for a Really Big Cannot Ignore event is to be waiting for ever. Everyone is waiting for the match that lights the powder keg. But we keep ignoring the match! So, a man has to ask himself; how much more before he goes to the fore to reclaim his heritage?

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