Marxifornia really, really sucks

Unless you are a Marxist of course. Moonbattery explains

Last week, a couple of fairly strong earthquakes hit California. Big deal. As noted at Issues & Insights, the damage was trivial compared to what has been inflicted by the past 2 decades of moonbat rule. A few examples:

• California imposes the heaviest regulatory burden on small businesses in the country.

• Liberty continues to be crowded out by growing government authority. The Cato Institute ranks California 48th in freedom among the states, a position it has occupied since 2011.

• The state has had the highest poverty level in the country in recent years.

• While California’s public education system is failing, the state has gone to war with charter schools, which are not only popular with parents and students, they raise student achievement.

• The runaway public employee pension system threatens to devour the state.

California should be easily the most prosperous state. Yet, it is failing, because it has embraced leftist principles, like over regulation, high taxes, and much of he social justice nonsense. Just take their war against schools that actually work and benefit students

Charter schools are publicly funded schools independent of school districts, which have more flexibility and autonomy than traditional public schools.  In exchange for this flexibility and autonomy, charters must receive initial and periodic approvals by local or state governing bodies.

There is wide research showing that charter schools raise student achievement more than traditional public schools.

For example, a large 2015 Stanford University study examined 41 urban regions around the country and found that “urban charter schools in the aggregate provide significantly higher levels of annual growth in both math and reading compared to their [traditional public school] peers.”

Further, “Learning gains for charter school students are larger by significant amounts for Black, Hispanic, low income, and special education students in both math and reading.”

Despite such positive evidence, the charter-school idea is under assault from coast to coast, especially as union-led teacher strikes pound states and localities.

So, they work better for kids, especially the same kids the left pretends to care so much about. The teachers union, and left wing politicians, however could not give a flip about education

In California, union teachers in Los Angeles and Oakland went on strike, partly over pay and work issues, but also over the increasing competition from mostly non-union charter schools.

In both cities, the local school boards buckled and not only voted for big pay increases for teachers, but also voted for resolutions supporting a halt to the expansion of charter schools in the state.

Charter schools educate roughly 10 percent of California’s students, but that is too much for the teacher unions.

The California Teachers Association has unveiled a package of sponsored bills designed to torpedo charter schools.

Gavin Newsom, the new CTA-endorsed Democrat governor, has just signed a fast-tracked bill that would subject charter schools to increased state regulation.

Jerry Brown, Newsom’s pro-charter predecessor, had twice vetoed identical bills.

On deck is a bill to cap the number of charter schools in the state and another to limit the ability of charter-school organizers to appeal anti-charter decisions by often union-controlled local school boards to county and state boards of education.

Sad, no tragic it is that we do not have to look at Venezuela to see how leftism destroys everything, all we need do is look at the Golden State. Maybe California should change their motto to “Beat the breadlines! Visit California, and hurry!

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