When morons run with bulls………………..

You get the, well, you know!

The opening run of the bulls in PamplonaSpain, on Sunday left at least five people — including three runners who were gored — hospitalized, officials said.

Authorities said a 46-year-old man from San FranciscoCalif., was gored in the neck in the city’s bullring and required surgery. A 23-year-old man from FlorenceKy., was gored in the thigh.

I find it hard to feel much sympathy. 

One thought on “When morons run with bulls………………..”

  1. These are probably the same jackasses who want to get rid of American football because it is too dangerous. But running down a crowded street being chased by angry bulls is a perfectly safe, and wholesome thing to do. Because it is a cultural thing, and we mustn’t try to interfere with another nation’s culture.
    I played football for 9 years, and in the last 4 I got 5 serious concussions. They would never have allowed me to finish my career playing football, had they had the same rules in place then that they do now. But they will let MMA fighters knee each other in the back of the head, beat each other in the face with minimal gloves, kick each others anywhere, and I mean anywhere, with no problem. I guess I am not smart enough to figure these things out.

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