The Brownshirts demand compliance, or else

Fritz nails it, summing up the lefts new edicts of absolut mandatory agreement

With respect to the Betsy Ross flag thing, I just commented this morning how it seems to be a requirement among the progressive intelligentsia that you must believe at least one new and completely stupid thing every day, directions for which come down from the masters in the media. Today, the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of “white supremacy” because Colin Kaepernick said so, and  the media joined in. But not only that, but you must believe it too, or you are a racist, or a fascist or a white supremacist, which ever they need for the moment. In reality, course, those labels have been all worn out by over use. The number of true racists, fascists and white supremacists left in the US is vanishingly small.

Absolutely true! Oh if we could just get people like Fritz on news debate shows. Simple truth, well expressed. Instead we get talking heads obsessed with talking points and narratives

2 thoughts on “The Brownshirts demand compliance, or else”

  1. “white supremacists left in the US is vanishingly small.”

    Alas though, mostly in response to the left’s anti-white rhetoric more Caucasians seem to be jumping on the we is white, rather than we’re all Americans, race wagon.

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