Another reason I own firearms

Love the police, and support them to the fullest! But, they cannot get where you need them immediately, and sometimes, you will have to defend your loved ones Zendo Deb illustrates

The call was initially priority 2, and it never got upgraded. Five minutes passed before police were dispatched to fatal attempted break-in.

5 minutes to dispatch officers, and 5 minutes for them to respond, all the while the caller was watching an individual try to break into her home. (Well, not quite. Total time waiting for police was 9 minutes and 17 seconds.)

The situation began to escalate 24 seconds later into her call. Andrews had started banging on Taylor’s door, yelling, shouting and throwing things.

“Do not approach the person,” the dispatcher warned. “We’re going to dispatch an officer as soon as possible.”

At 5 minutes, 33 seconds, the dispatcher told Taylor police were on the way.

By that time, the incident had escalated into what would be considered a Priority 1 call, but it was still classified as a Priority 2.

If that were me, I am armed, and watching that door from the safest place I can find. Anyone comes through it, is going to get shot

2 thoughts on “Another reason I own firearms”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Though I am down the hall, behind the bed with a view of the bedroom door. And my flashlight won’t be the thing that gives away my position. That will be me screaming about calling 911 and being armed.

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