Noted Girly Boy is desperate for attention

Oh that publicity pimp David Hogg now claims he has survived seven assassination attempts. Color me skeptical


Ever since Parkland, we’ve had to deal with an insufferable bunch of self-important snots who believe that having attended a school where a shooting took place makes them experts on guns, the Second Amendment, and gun policy.

Frankly, pretty much every pro-gun person I know is sick and tired of this bunch, especially their ringleader, David Hogg.

Hogg has spent a lot of time making nonsense claims about firearms in the last year and four months, but his latest claim is the most bizarre.

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg said he has been the target of seven “assassination attempts” in the last year.

The vocal supporter of gun-control legislation detailed his experiences throughout the last 18 months as he went from regular high school student to one of the faces of the school safety movement in an interview with the Washington Post published Tuesday. He was not asked for further details about the threats.

But of course they did not ask for details, or substantiation, That might expose Hogg as a liar and ruin the narrative

One thought on “Noted Girly Boy is desperate for attention”

  1. People had Harvard should complain about feeling unsafe with someone who has had assassination attempts made. Innocent people might be shot!

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