Eric Swalwell is that goofy kid begging his classmates to come to his birthday party

This clown redefines pathetic. And no, Rep. Swalwell you cannot have my guns, or my liberty

Over the last few days Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has continually teased a “really big rally” where he’d unveil his gun control proposal outside of the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia on Monday.

This is the image that Swalwell used to show how “huge” his support truly is.

Think that looks like an impotent turnout? Try these

Ok, I will wait till you stop laughing at Rep. Douche Nozzle. Go on, get all the giggles out. Now, understand just how totalitarian Swalwell’s proposal is

These are the specific gun control measures he’s proposed:

• Ban and buyback semi-automatic “assault weapons.” The only exception would be for shooting ranges where civilians could should those “assault weapons.”

• Implement a 48-hour cooling-off period between the time a person purchases a firearm and the time they take possession of it.

• Establish standards for safely storing firearms including smart tech, mandate that all gun owners comply with those standards, and fund a national educational program focused on safe storage of firearms.

• Implement background checks for all firearm and ammunition purchases, regardless of whether the seller is federally licensed, a gun show vendor, or a private seller.

• Create a federal licensing program for gun owners, requiring them to satisfactorily complete a training program with both written and practical exams, the same way most states do with cars and hunters.

• Require that liability insurance be purchased before a person can buy, trade, or otherwise receive a firearm, which is what states already require for automobiles.

• Create a national firearm registry that is linked to individual firearms, and require that all purchases, transfers, and donations of firearms be mandatorily registered.

• Require federally licensed firearms dealers to conduct their business only in commercial sporting goods or firearms premises, not from their homes, funeral homes, or other premises that are not otherwise related to sporting or firearms.

• Prohibit individuals from purchasing more than one handgun per 30-day period.

• Require all federally licensed firearms dealers to report firearm theft within 24 hours.

• Require all federally licensed firearms dealers to conduct an inventory of their firearms at least once every six months and report the inventory results to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

• Prohibit the online sale of firearms manufactured after the year 1898.

• Require that all people or businesses selling more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in a 30-day period be federally licensed in a program similar to the Federal Firearms Licensee system.

• Prohibit the online sale of ammunition.

• Limit ammunition sales for individual purchasers to 200 rounds per 30-day period.

• Ban and buy back bump stocks, large-capacity magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and silencers.

• Prohibit individuals from hoarding ammunition in quantities exceeding 200 rounds per caliber or gauge.

• Repeal the law that prohibits the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from consolidating and centralizing records relating to the acquisition of firearms maintained by federal firearms licensees.

• Empower the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to increase the frequency of unscheduled audits of federally licensed firearms dealers.

• Incentivize states to create a statutory rebuttable presumption of liability if a gun registered to a person causes harm to the person or property of another.

• Let people sue gun manufacturers by repealing the Protection for Lawful Commerce in Guns Act, which is a federal law the protects gun manufacturers from civil liability.

• Empower the Consumer Product Safety Commission or other relevant federal agencies to implement safety standards that must be met by all firearms manufactured or in commerce in the United States, to eliminate junk guns, and to examine the feasibility of smart gun technology.

• Prohibit the manufacture or sale of guns that are not detectable by metal detectors, including 3-D printed firearms.

• Regulate firearm assembly kits the same way firearms are regulated.

• Mandate evidence-based ballistics identification techniques, such as microstamping, for all rifles and handguns manufactured or in commerce in the United States.

• Prohibit the manufacture and sale of M855 ammunition for civilians.

• Prohibit the manufacture and sale of hollow-nose bullets for civilians.

Yes, he is a joke, but, imagine him with power.

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