Well there is is! The stupidest F#@**ing Thing You Will Read All Day


British Police Handing Out ‘Blunt’ Knives To Reduce Stabbings

Via Bearing Arms comes the latest case of idiocy from the Cult of Gun Control

Once upon a time, the British Empire were the badasses of the world. They could go where they wanted and do pretty much whatever they wanted. While they’re often vilified by some historians for what they actually did, at the time they were somewhat restrained compared to many nations with their colonial holdings.

Over the last few decades, though, something happened. Now, the country is a caricature. There’s remarkably little I can take seriously about the nation anymore.

The latest example of how far they’ve fallen? They’re handing out blunted knives to the victims of domestic abuse to supposedly reduce stabbings.

Victims of domestic violence will have their kitchen knives replaced with blunt utensils to prevent their partners attacking them in their own home.

Nottinghamshire Police are piloting the scheme where around 100 ‘no point’ knives will be handed to victims who have either been threatened or attacked with a knife.

Police are concerned about the high level of knife-related incidents that happen in the home, and are hoping the new scheme has the potential to save lives.

Domestic violence knife crime makes up more than 17 percent of incidents reported to Nottinghamshire Police.

In 2018/19, out of 900 reports of knife crime, 159 were related to domestic violence.

Superintendent Matt McFarlane, the new knife crime strategy manager for Nottinghamshire Police, who is overseeing the scheme, said: “We do see a fair amount of knife related incidents in domestic abuse not just on the streets.

Good Freaking Grief!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Well there is is! The stupidest F#@**ing Thing You Will Read All Day”

  1. I fear watching the UK today & the rest of Europe today that, that will be the USA’s future.

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