The Lefts thirst for gun control cannot not be slaked

Bearing Arms looks at New Zealand, which just passed restrictive new gun laws. The ink is not even dry on these laws, but, the Cult of Gun Control, already wants more

Just a few months ago, New Zealand had a fair amount of freedom when it came to guns.  Not as much as here in the United States, but a fair bit more than most other nations.

Then Christchurch happened. It was an isolated incident, something the country is far from known for, but anti-gun activists immediately hopped into action. Since one of those gun control advocates also happened to be the prime minister, AR-15s in New Zealand were doomed.

One might think that would be enough. After all, the country banned the weapon used in the senseless slaughter of the innocent, right?

However, when it comes to anti-gunners, it’s never enough.

A new lobby group is pushing for a national register of all guns in New Zealand, strengthening the ban on semi-automatic weapons, and requiring gun owners to renew their registration every three years.

Gun Control NZ launched today and is co-founded by volunteers Hera Cook, an Otago University public health researcher, Nik Green, who started a petition to ban semi-automatic weapons, and Philippa Yasbek, who has experience with regulation and legislation.

The group’s launch follows the Government’s first stage of gun law reform, which was a response to the Christchurch terror attack that took 51 lives.

No surprise here, this is what the left does isn’t it? You can, and should take a few minutes to peruse Gun Control NZ’s website, see if their rhetoric sounds familiar 

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