College pushes Perpetual Victimhood Syndrome and Eternal Bitterness Disorder because “social justice”

College sucks right now, and has for years. It is a huge money grab that indoctrinates rather than educates. It leaves many with massive student loan debt, hatred for “Whiteness”, “Toxic Masculinity” America, diversity of thought and an addiction to pretending to be a victim. Take this latest example at Campus Reform


The University of Rhode Island sponsored a “Social Justice in Higher Education” conference, with speakers discussing topics such as “White Accountability,” “Addressing Microaggressions,” and more.

The conference was put on Wednesday by the New England College Personnel Association, with the University of Rhode Island being a co-sponsor. The focus of this year’s conference is specifically promoting “social justice education” and giving schools tips on how to educate students better on “anti-oppressive, liberatory, and critical frameworks,” according to the description.

The conference hosted various sessions based on social justice education, such as the following:

  • “The Cost of Inclusion: Addressing the Class Struggle When Engaging Students Outside the Classroom”
  • “Supporting a Culture of White Accountability on Campus”
  • “When the Conversation Gets Quiet — 10 Ways to Facilitate Discussions on Sensitive Social Justice Issues with First Year Students”
  • “Enacting Racial Justice on Campus by Effectively Addressing Microaggressions”
  • “What is our social justice responsibility in teaching white students to become civically engaged?”
  • “Lessons in Allyship: Engaging White Colleagues in Anti-Racist Professional Development Efforts”

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