Koala bears are “functionally” extinct?

Moonbattery notes that the left has suddenly redefined “extinct”

You wouldn’t take the anthropogenic global warming hoax seriously, despite all those years of the liberal establishment shrieking warnings in your face. Now I bet you’re sorry. Cute and cuddly koala bears are extinct because of people like you:

Koala bears have been declared “functionally extinct,” the Australian Koala Foundation reports.

Wait — never mind. They are “functionally extinct.” That means they are not extinct.

But the experts do say there are only 80,000 of them left in the wild.

The tree-dwelling species has been ravaged by the effects of rising temperatures and heatwaves, which have caused widespread deforestation and fatal dehydration in koalas, according to the AKF.

So, extinct, means, not extinct now? Whatever pushes the narrative

One thought on “Koala bears are “functionally” extinct?”

  1. I remember my mother buying the complete set of used Time-Life science series books when I was a teenager.
    I did not read them, I devoured them which led to me spending 8 hours every Saturday wolfing down
    back issues of Scientific American and Popular Science. Back in those days, the estimate of the
    total number of animal species was about 2 million. That was way back before the terms junk science
    and environmental activism ever existed!

    One of the dishonest tactics of the tree huggers is to assign arbitrary geographical designations to common
    as dirt species. I once read that Northern Spotted Owls were genetically identical to the Spotted Owls
    that range from the Northwest of North America to as far Southeast as the land of Dixie look away
    look away all the way to Southernmost regions of Mexico. Sorry if I cannot shed a single tear over the
    “Tipton” Kangaroo Rat and the heartwrenching fate of the El Segundo Blue Butterfly. There are only a
    small handful of the rats left near Bakersfield and a tiny number El Segundo Blues whose only known
    habitat is the Chevron Oil Refinery in El Segundo CA. What was that liberal saying, If you love something,
    let it go, if it doesn’t come back you never had it because it was burnt to ashes when it flew over the
    flare stack!

    Every stinking time I hear the word extinction coming from the scientific illiterates in the environmental
    movement, I put on my waders just like I do with the Chicken Littles in the AGW movement because I
    know that I am about to step in a pile of Bovine Excrement. Decades ago, some nitwit predicted that
    1/2 million animal species will die each year. Fine, that means that zero animal species would be alive
    in 4 years. I don’t like animals apart from my horny feral Tomcat and I am a misanthropic asshole who
    can’t stand to be around people in the first place! And if my cat and I are both going to die anyway,
    why should I get teary-eyed over that furry pain in the ass?

    These kinds of stories are like suffering the incoherent rants of Al Gore, Bill Nye the Actor Guy and
    the Fredo Corleone of climate science (Alexandria Empty Cortex) who proves that a human being
    can walk, talk and breath with nothing more in her skull than a functioning brain stem! I can see these
    dullards clinging onto their unscientific beliefs after being told the world is going to end in ten years
    five times in a row. It is like the idiots that insist that Panda Bears can only eat bamboo. If the
    world runs out of bamboo, the Panda Bears will find something else to eat. They claimed that
    Northern Spotted Owls can only live in “old growth forests,” but they no problem nesting a
    freaking Walmart sign! I think the people of America are getting it. Fears of global warming
    ranks lower than chronic rectal itch in almost every poll taken!

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