And, the Cult of Catastrophic Climate Catastrophies sees another false narrative die

Pirates Cove destroys yet another narrative shrivel up and die

Hey, remember when the Cult of Climastrology was blaming carbon pollution for the wildfires in California (a state that has long been subjected to wildfires because of the geography, natural climate, and idiotic environmental policies)? Most recently the Camp Fire? Well now

Pacific Gas & Electric power lines caused California’s ‘deadliest and most destructive wildfire’: officials

California authorities said Wednesday that power lines owned and operated by the Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. (PG&E) caused the state’s most destructive wildfire ever – it killed 85 and nearly destroyed an entire city.

Lines owned by the San Francisco-based utility sparked the deadly, fast-moving Camp Fire on Nov. 8 in the Pulga area of Butte County, the state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) said in a news release. In total, the blaze burned 153,336 acres and destroyed in excess of 18,000 structures.

“The tinder dry vegetation and Red Flag conditions consisting of strong winds, low humidity and warm temperatures promoted this fire and caused extreme rates of spread, rapidly burning into Pulga to the east and west into Concow, Paradise, Magalia and the outskirts of east Chico,” the agency said.

The city of Paradise – population 27,000 — was nearly wiped out as residents evacuated and their homes and vehicles were engulfed in flames. Investigators also found a second nearby ignition site involving power lines owned by PG&E and vegetation that sparked another fire.

“This fire was consumed by the original fire which started earlier near Pulga,” Cal Fire said.

Of course, it is also true that wildfires existed loooongggg before any cars, or electricity, or anything else the left blames. Wildfires are part of nature

One thought on “And, the Cult of Catastrophic Climate Catastrophies sees another false narrative die”

  1. PG&E was merely the scapegoat that was blamed for insane forest management policies that were
    imposed by the morons in Sacramento. There is even a name for it, it is called Benign Neglect.
    It was a philosophy invented by tree-huggers who insisted that Mother Nature should be allowed
    to take its course. Fallen deadwood and underbrush are littering the woodlands in Marxifornia,
    which has caused major increases in the frequency and severity of wildfires in the dry months.

    Let me see if I can remember my basic Cub Scout level lessons on how to start a campfire:
    You start with tinder (the underbrush.) Then, you add kindling (that would be the fallen deadwood
    that is as dry as desiccated as Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Vagina, and do you have left? Oh, that would
    be the trees!

    The Marxists Brown and Newsom can never be blamed for their failures because that would expose the
    idiocy of fining and prosecuting people who commit the crime of gathering deadwood from the forest
    floor which might have gone a long way towards preventing the recent rash of deadly wildfires.

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