Terry Bradshaw tells joke, Offendeditis outbreak ensues

It was a joke, and Bradshaw, who seems like a good guy, should have never grovelled

Terry Bradshaw has apologized for “an insensitive remark” he made about Ken Jeong during the Fox upfront presentation Monday morning.

“I made an insensitive remark today about Ken, who I’ve known for some time. I’ve spoken to him about the importance of cultural respect and apologized for my offensive comments,” Bradshaw said Monday night in a statement first published by Variety. “I would like to also apologize to the Asian-American community for my insensitivity”

Bradshaw appeared at the Fox upfront presentation Monday morning in order to promote “Thursday Night Football,” but during some off the cuff remarks making fun of his time on “The Masked Singer,” the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback also called his network colleague, Ken Jeong, “the little short guy from Japan.”

If Bradshaw actually offended Jeong, then he should have apologized to Jeong. But this coerced public blanket apology is a farce.

Jeong is Korean, and yes, Korea and Japan are different. But I find this odd. It is the left which pushes such speech codes. And, it is also the left that insists we use the term “Asian-American” which includes Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc. Using the lefts standards, shouldn’t the term Asian-American be verboten?

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