Illinois to tax electric vehicles

Greedy! Pirates Cove explains

This has EV owners (who are so often upper middle class and people considered “rich”) Very Upset

Illinois might start charging $1,000 per year to own an electric vehicle: ‘It’s outrageous’

A proposed hike in Illinois’ annual registration fee for electric vehicles, from $17.50 to $1,000, is being called unfair by current EV owners, and a sales disincentive by manufacturers — just as the new technology is beginning to gain broader traction.

“It’s outrageous,” said Nicoletta Skarlatos, 56, of Chicago, who bought a Tesla Model S five years ago. “I thought Illinois was progressive and would want to encourage EV ownership.”

Aimed at raising money to make overdue road improvements across Illinois, the proposed legislation would also more than double the state’s gas tax to 44 cents a gallon and raise the registration fee for standard vehicles to $148, from $98, among other elements.

But the kicker is a nearly 60-fold increase in the electric vehicle registration fee — one that is sure to cause sticker shock across a nascent segment of the auto industry, which has depended on government incentives to entice early adopters.

And the left calls us greedy?

2 thoughts on “Illinois to tax electric vehicles”

  1. You get what you vote for. Leftest raise gas taxes and affects the suburb and rural areas. Raise your taxes for electric vehicles and affects the urban areas. Suck it up dumbasses.

  2. Conservative Beaner beat me to it, but any person who is economically literate could predict that the lost
    revenue from gasoline taxes would provide a perverse incentive to tax the crap out of EV’s. As it is,
    electric vehicles are a “solution” to a problem that does not even exist. They merely change the point
    at which CO2 is created. Instead of coming out of a tailpipe, it is a traditionally fueled power generation

    To make matters worse, the CO2 created in manufacturing the vehicles and their batteries make them
    dirtier than a diesel powered car, and there is no break-even point. The morons in my home state
    of Marxifornia think they can mandate 100 percent EV’s within a generation are out of their freaking
    minds! The range of these things suck, and battery power density is at the ragged edge as it is. And
    where is the electrical power going to come from when this state has not added one net new Watt of
    generating capacity in decades?

    It takes just under 750 Watts of continuous output for every 1 HP, so even if there is some magical new
    electrolyte formula on the horizon, any increase in range would be marginal as all electromotive elements
    have been known for more than 100 years.

    CB may get it, but the morons in Sacramento are on the verge of bringing about an Atlas Shrugged scenario
    where the lights start going out as they are in once great economic powerhouse Venezuela. Venezuela
    was the 3rd richest country in the Western Hemisphere and Marxifornia has already written its epitaph!

    And by the way, weren’t we sold on catalytic converters because they emitted harmless CO2?

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