No, we cannot always “believe the woman”

Due Process? It matters! John Hawkins sets that straight

This is one of the most horrible #believeallwomen stories you are ever going to read. This guy stopped to help a woman in trouble and next thing you know, he loses his job, is getting divorced and is sitting in jail — and she made it all up.

A Good Samaritan claims his life is in tatters after a woman who he helped falsely accused him of sexual assault.

Kenan Basic spent two weeks in a maximum security prison, lost his job and is now going through a divorce, after a 19-year-old woman made false accusations against him.

Mr Basic stopped to help the teenager in November last year after she crashed her car and pulled into a BP in Bankstown, in Sydney’s south-west.

The 36-year-old married father-of-one spent almost two hours helping the woman get her car back on the road.

CCTV captured the entire interaction and shows the pair chatting happily and even embracing before she drives away, Nine News reported.

…On Monday, all charges against Mr Basic were dropped after the woman broke down when pressed by detectives in an interview and finally told the truth – that she’d been lying about the accusations.

‘I feel happy because I got my freedom you know,’ Mr Basic said.

The teenager is now facing a charge of knowingly making a false or misleading statement and will appear in court next week.

Mr Basic said the incident has deterred him from stopping and helping a young woman ever again.

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