Cory Booker proposes draconian gun laws

Another day, another Democrat liberal leftist goes after the most basic human right

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who recently promised to “bring a fight to the NRA like they have never ever seen before,” on Monday morning introduced a sweeping gun-violence prevention plan that centers around a national gun-licensing program.

“My plan to address gun violence is simple—we will make it harder for people who should not have a gun to get one,” Booker said in a statement, pledging to take executive action on the first day of his desired presidency.

Same old rhetoric, but with more totalitarianism

“As president, we will make commonsense changes to our gun laws such as requiring a license to purchase a gun that includes universal background checks, banning assault weapons, and closing the loopholes that allow domestic abusers and people on terrorist watch lists to get their hands on a gun,” he continued. “I am sick and tired of hearing thoughts and prayers for the communities that have been shattered by gun violence—it is time for bold action.”

Bold action? Yes, the left loves to say things like BOLD ACTION, while hiding the true perils in their proposed laws

Under the plan, Booker proposes that an individual could seek out a license at a local office, comparing it to applying for passport renewal. Upon doing so, they would submit fingerprints, sit for an interview, and show completion of a certified gun-safety course. The FBI would then verify all the submitted materials and run a comprehensive background check before issuing the federal gun license. The license would then be valid for up to five years “with regular, automatic checks to flag non-compliance with license terms,” according to the plan.

So, Emperor Booker would allow us to “seek” a license, AKA permission from the State to buy and own firearms. We would submit, an appropriate description to be fingerprinted, and be interviewed by a government employee, who would then, it seems have the power to approve, or deny us a right that God gave us and that the Constitution protects? Then we would be subject, it seems, to regular, automatic checks to flag non-compliance with license terms. Let me say, Hell no!

And what would those term sbe Senator Spartacus? Or maybe we have to pass that bill to “see what is in it”? HMMMM, how about Hell no!

You can go read some of Booker’s  dictates, like microstamping, and allowing gun makers to be sued if a bad person does something bad with a firearm, banning “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines, and allow the IRS to go after the NRA! Again, Senator Spartacus, how about Hell no! Here you go Senator. pass this on to Swalwell, Harris, and the rest of the miscreants running for president


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