One thought on “Sunday Pics”

  1. That master lock is compelling. With that many pins, it should be impossible to pick but a two-pound
    hammer or a cordless grinder with a cutoff wheel would make the task easy. Locks are not like fingerprints,
    there are only a few dozen combinations in every product line. Tubular locks are harder to crack, but if
    you tried your Yale key at 100 Yale equipped homes you might enter 2 to 5 of them with your own door

    My dad discovered that my Ford F-100 key fit the Ford pickup of his favorite bar owner. I met my dad at
    Turk’s Grass Hut in North Torrance. Turk’s truck was in the back lot. My dad had me drive his pickup to the
    front lot. Turk had a potted tomato plant at the rear entrance. He went out to water the plant he came
    back screaming that someone had stolen his truck. My dad said, “Turk, how much have you had to drink
    today, your truck is out front!”

    Locks exist to keep honest people honest. Dedicated criminals can get around almost all of them!

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