And the Angry Asshat of the Day is……..

Zack Ford, who is Gay, bitter, angry, an atheist, super bitter, triggered, and another whiner who has a victimhood fetish, observe 

Ok let us break this down

I’m an atheist. I don’t pray. Not even on the “National Day of Prayer.” Not ever.

OK, who cares. And why does others faith bother you?

Many people don’t pray. Many people don’t believe in prayer. A National Day of Prayer erases and stigmatizes many of us.

Again, many do not pray, so what? And no, you are not erased or stigmatized by a National Day of Prayer. Again, stop fantasize about being a victim

But we are here, and we will keep fighting for freedom FROM religion.

Yes, you have freedom from religion it is in the Constitution, so why are you bitching about having to “fight” for a right you are perfectly free to exercise every day? I have a theory. You live in  a country that honors your natural right to embrace, or to reject any religion you wish. But the catch for you is that this nation also embraces natural rights, rights that come from your Creator. So, is that what chaps your ass so? The very right you are so defensive of, the right not to believe in God, comes from God. See angry atheists ar pretty easy to figure out.

2 thoughts on “And the Angry Asshat of the Day is……..”

  1. Atheists always have the same complaint, they hate that everybody else does not worship them.

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