Joe Biden is a liar, and unfit for office

Joe Biden launched his presidential run with a video that was nothing more than lies, smears, and more lies. Biden took the rhetoric to despicable lows that should make every American vow never to vote for such a loathsome man. Biden could have just taken a high road unlike the other 20 Democratic presidential candidates. Instead, he went lower

These are the same damnable lies that the left has used to falsely accuse the president of defending White nationalist trash after Charlottesville. The president never, not once, defended or excused these racist knuckle dragging buffoons. Yet, the left continues to push their vile lies because that is what the left does. The president’s words in the following two videos are explicitly clear. So, watch them, listen, and then understand how low Biden, and his fellow leftists will go to gain power.

This is what happens when a political party stops valuing the truth. Their entire platform, it seems, is based on smears and lies and promises that cannot be kept. Here are Trump’s own words


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