Arizona Governor Ducey shows how to respond to Brown Shirts!

So, Governor Doug Ducey posted an Easter message on Easter, and BOOM! Sudden Atheist Outrage ensued!

Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey responded after a secular organization demanded he delete an Easter message he posted on Facebook, citing a breach in the separation of church and state.

“We won’t be removing this post. Ever,” Ducey tweeted Thursday. “Nor will we be removing our posts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Palm Sunday, Passover or any other religious holiday.”

“We support the First Amendment, and are happy to provide copies of the Constitution to anyone who hasn’t read it,” he added.

Great for him!

One thought on “Arizona Governor Ducey shows how to respond to Brown Shirts!”

  1. As an atheist myself, I’m probably at least if not more annoyed by these assholes as the religious folks are. I don’t care for evangelism, be it for religion or non-religion; why can’t people in general just mind their own damn business? So the Governor posted an Easter message – so what? Was anyone hurt by that? No. In fact plenty of people appreciated it, and it was meant in good will.

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