Washington Post scolds the “Far-Right” for saying terror attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka targeted Christians


In the wake of the horrific Easter terrorist attack against churches in Sri Lanka, The Washington Post published an article slamming “far-right” political leaders for saying that Christians are under attack. The Orwellian article suggested there was something untoward about reporting on global Christian persecution — by selectively quoting far-right European and American leaders on the issue and ignoring the broader discussion.

The bombings, which claimed the lives of at least 321 people and wounded more than 500 others, took place on the most important holiday for Christianity, the day Christians remember the Resurrection of Jesus. They targeted Christian churches, and according to Sri Lanka’s defense minister, a radical Islamist terror group carried the attacks out in “retribution” for the Christchurch mosque shootings last month.

The Washington Post suggested that reporting on this terrorism against Christians is far-right paranoia. “To some, it was further proof that Christians in many parts of the world are under attack,” foreign affairs correspondent Adam Taylor and Berlin-based international reporter Rick Noack wrote.

Boy, they are just cannot help themselves

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