Very large gator walks into residential area, to a sad end

An 11-foot gator decided to cruise around a residential area, and, sadly had to be euthanized Sunday Alligators are not too aggressive, but a large gator could easily kill, and yes, people’s safety trumps that of animals

 According to Carroll, it slowly but surely—pausing every so often—ambled up the driveway of a home and then crashed easily through the chain-link fence surrounding the backyard, where it took refuge and waited. “We watched that gator go through that fence like nothing,” Carroll said.

The gator was still waiting when a Fish and Wildlife trapper arrived on the scene to remove the creature and transport it to a less urban environment. Sadly, however, it had been a rainy night, and slipping a rope around the beast’s neck to lead it to safety proved impossible under the conditions. Authorities report that they were forced to euthanize the animal.

Here is a video of a massive gator, estimated at 15 foot from 2016

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