So, some subjects simply can never be discussed, although we are supposed to be eternally obsessed with them

So, made an ad, and it portrayed a scene that triggered some easily offended types Here is the ad

OK? What is the issue here? Does this pinhead who tweeted the above think that such things never happened? Has he ever heard of the Underground Railroad? Here is another who was stricken with Offendeditis 

Again, does this windbag think no such events ever took place? It is a compelling ad. Two people, in love, seeking to gain freedom is offensive how exactly? Some of the tweets seem to be that a White man is seen as heroic. Yeah, that is not racist at all is it?

Here is another activist race pimp trying to be the next Sharpton

Some folks just seem to be stuck on stupid. They insist, on one hand, we obsess over slavery, yet, anytime it is referenced they immediately contract severe angst. Especially if any White person, or even America is portrayed as having nay role in ending the barbarity of slavery. No, we must never allow that! All White folks are bad, and can never be credited with anything noble. Pick a side people.

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