Candace Owens bitch slaps “Lyin” Ted Lieu and “No Neck”Nadler

Via The Right Scoop

Jerry “No Neck” Nadler and Ted Lieu tried to smear Candace Owens, and were likely stunned that she was not going to let them slide with their usual BS

What a prick, but this is what the left is folks. Here is Owen’s response, and Nadler trying to scold her for “attacking” poor Ted Lieu

3 thoughts on “Candace Owens bitch slaps “Lyin” Ted Lieu and “No Neck”Nadler”

  1. I knew Nadler was a worthless bag of scum, but I was unaware of his having donated his cerebral cortex to science while he was still breathing.

    He’s a bigger prick than Schiff, who’s more of a brainwashed idiot anyway. Nadler needs to be scraped thoroughly with a cheese grater, staked out on a red-ant mound overnite, and then eaten by javelinas.

    Schiff needs to have his tongue, his fingers, and his integument removed, preferably with lineman’s pliers in a vinegar shower.

  2. Lieu, GFYourself. You’re a worthless piece of treasonous crap. You should be horsewhipped for trying to wrong a citizen that way. In public.

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