Remember when I said the Left would weaponize #MeToo ?

No, I am not psychic, if I were would have won a very large lottery, and would be retired, living in a log cabin in Montana, or maybe Utah. No, you do not have to have special powers to predict what the left will do, because they are predictable. The left has latched onto causes and then weaponized them over and again. It is just what they do. So, no do not write and ask me to predict the future. But, if you want to understand the left……………


“You look great,” said Don Marsh, the 80-year-old host of the radio show “St. Louis On the Air,” to recently retired St. Louis news anchor Karen Foss (75 years young) when she entered the studio for an interview. The two veteran journalists then went on to have this pleasant and collegial conversation aired by KWMU, National Public Radio’s St. Louis affiliate.

The next morning, Foss learned that Marsh, a St. Louis institution, was leaving St. Louis Pubic Radio. Why? Someone at the KWMU studio had overheard Marsh’s complimentary greeting to Foss, perceived it to be inappropriate, and tattled to the bosses. That’s right, a man telling a longtime friend whom he hadn’t seen in a while that she looked great was Not Okay.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Marsh was summoned to a meeting by KWMU station manager Tim Eby. According to Eby, the exchange between Marsh and Foss was not central to the meeting, but Marsh tells a different story.

Marsh told the Post-Dispatch that a producer had complained about his greeting to Foss. He said he was called into a meeting with two managers before going on the air Wednesday, in which one of them said they wanted to ‘put this behind us.’

‘And I said, ‘Are you basically saying what I did was wrong?’’ Marsh said. He said the manager made a gesture with his hand ‘like it’s right on the edge. And I said, ‘That’s it, I’m done.’’

This is where we are headed folks. If we do not get a handle on how far out of reality the left is taking #MeToo, we are going to end up in a society where men (especially men) and women will be afraid to work together because INAPPROPRIATE! Don’t believe me? Look at what has happened to free thought and speech on college campuses. You really think the left will not take this that far, and then take it farther? You think one-size-fits-all rules on flirting/dating/complimenting the opposite sex will end any differently?

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