That is Krazy with a capital K

Via Moonbattery comes this

Maybe the media will demand that we applaud when someone pretends to be a space alien. Jareth Nebula blazes a trail:

After being born a woman, the space fan transitioned to become a man four years ago.

But pretending to be a man didn’t resolve her issues, so…

The 33-year-old has since shunned both genders in favour of life as an alien.

She really is a space alien. She was assigned an earthling identity at birth, but this has been surgically corrected:

Nipple removal surgery and other operations have helped Jareth to “feel less human”.

As for her preferred pronoun,

Jareth would rather be referred to as “thing” or “it” rather than “he” or “she”.

Say Jareth,

“I don’t think or feel like humans. I can’t really explain it to others – I’m simply otherworldly.”

Good Freaking GRIEF!


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