Malcontent goes nuts over Border Patrol coming to talk to students

They just get nuttier

Another “Look at Me” moment for a deranged Leftist

The Criminal Justice Association president also told Campus Reform that the harassment started a few minutes before the meeting, and continued throughout the duration of the meeting. Pinto also stated that Melchor’s chanting was so loud that not only was the event disrupted but that several other unrelated classes down the hall were also affected by the situation.

The event organizers threatened to call UAPD if Melchor did not stop insulting and taunting the agents, to which Melchor responded, “oh, of course, white women calling the police!”

In the second part of the video, the student follows the Border Patrol agents to their vehicle, repeating the phrase “Murder Patrol!” and also yelling at them in Spanish. At the end of the second video, Melchor films a protest, apparently against the appearance of the Border Patrol, in which the attendees chant, “Police, ICE, the shame shit twice!”

Shortly after the incident, the University of Arizona’s student government released a letter about the incident that occurred, stating that “although we recognize their attendance was solely to recruit students…the presence of uniformed USBP agents on our campus, especially without warning was, is, and will always be immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community.”

Oh shut up! No, wait, keep showing everyone how hateful, ignorant, and radical you really are! Normal Americans really need to see how wacked out these leftsist are. They need to see how much these leftists really despise America, and everything it stands for. These types of folks are dangerous. They are extreme, filled with hatred and rage, and completely self-absorbed. A potentiallt dangerous combination

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