FINALLY! NY Times addresses the most important issue of our times!

Yes folks, yes, the NY Times is finally covering Emoji Justice!

Many people connected to the African diaspora have Afros. And like anyone else, they send emojis to their friends — a zombie, say, or a mermaid or a genie.

But which emoji can they use to represent themselves?

Right now, 2,823 emojis are recognized by the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that provides standards for text on the internet and oversees emojis. Fifty-nine additional emojis are on the way, including a deaf person, interracial couples, a mechanical arm and falafel.

Yet there are still no emojis of any person with an Afro, even though symbols exist for women and men with long and short hair, curly and straight hair, and blond, black and red hair.

Rhianna Jones, 28, is on a mission to change that.

Yes, really! Some folks are so into their “identity” that they need to have an emoji with hair like them. 

Not that I have an issue with someone coming up with an afro emoji, knock yourself out, but really, this is not going to impact anyone in any type of significant way is it?

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