The Left’s new “Tolerance” reeks of naked bigotry

Via Campus Reform

The Pride Center at Oregon State University called for Veteran Student Association (VSA) members to be barred from moving into an on-campus student lounge, stating that it is concerned about the veteran students’ “patriotism” and the “wellbeing” of students.

In a since-deleted open letter to the OSU community posted on Facebook on March 15, the pride center and the LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network said that they oppose moving the VSA into the Student Experience Center Involvement Lounge on campus.

The involvement lounge is a space for students to find out how to get involved on campus, according to its webpage.

The Pride Center, which is an entity of the Department of Diversity and Cultural Engagement, stated that their members would be “vulnerable” to the consequences of deciding to let the vet group occupy that space.

“The communities that our organizations serve are vulnerable to the ideological and practical consequences that this decision would bring about,” the Pride Center and LGBTQ group stated.

More verbal sewage that, when you boil it down, is simply hatred, nothing more

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