Isn’t it time to ban cars?

Using the left’s “logic” shouldn’t we seek “meaningful” restrictions on vehicles? I mean tragedies like this one could be prevented right?

A man in China today tried to kill his wife and daughter before driving his car onto the street and ramming into pedestrians, leaving at least six dead including a child.

The suspect, 44-year-old Cui Lidong, was shot dead by police at the scene.

Mr Cui, said to be a restaurant owner, allegedly hit ‘whomever was in his way’ in the city of Zaoyang in central China’s Hubei Province.

After his own car was wrecked, he hijacked an ambulance sent to rescue victims and hit another four or five people, an eyewitness described the horrifying incident to Chinese media.

Eight more people were injured in the incident, including the man’s wife and child, according to the Zaoyang People’s Government.

So, where is the #NotOneMore campaign? Clearly we ought to have laws to prevent madmen from getting their hands on deadly weapons right?

Maybe, we could accept that evil exists, and that evil people will find a way to commit evil acts?

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