What happens when cities do not support their police officers……

Lawlessness rises, and the people suffer, Wheelgun looks at Portland, which is run, seemingly by idiots

They blame everyone but themselves, and their attitude toward lawlessness. Your City Hall: Police shortage put on front burner.

The report points to the growing negative image of the police nationwide, calling the problem, “The deterioration of public perceptions of the challenges of serving as a police officer.”

That “nationwide” image is being driven by a couple of places. Chicago and Portland among them.

Consider the article, Dori: Portland police allowed Antifa mobs to take over the streets.

The mob, captured in a series of videos, is unbelievable to watch. Antifa stands in the middle of the road and directs people to turn right rather than drive straight, where their mob has taken over. Portland cops are sitting in their cars all in eye shot of this, and they allow the mob to run the streets.

And then there is Commissioners consult with prominent Black Lives Matter activist on Portland police contract. Because they won’t push for contract terms to hang cops out to dry.

Staff for Portland Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty and Chloe Eudaly met Thursday with national Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson to strategize over the city labor contract with the Portland police officers’ union, an official in Hardesty’s office said.

Police made a decision to stand down in the face of violent protests. And the resulting video didn’t make it look too good to be a Portland resident, let alone a Portland cop. So why was that?

Nevertheless, [Mayor Wheeler] says he supports the decision by police to watch from a distance without getting involved.

Would he be supportive if the cops had opted for law and order? In Portland? I doubt it.

Here in Dallas,there are not enough police, and they are underpaid, combine that with a city council that is corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, and, CORRUPT, and to boot we have a mayor more obsessed with taking down Confederate monuments than paying police. So 911 response times are growing, officers are overworked, and no doubt their moral is taking a beating. Why? Because corrupt and incompetent politicians are too worried about screwing the taxpayers to fatten their own bank accounts. And a mayor who is more eager to be a social justice warrior than about prioritizing the Dallas Police. Police deserve far better!

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