And the Left’s mask slips some more

A Maryland Democrat decided the hounds of approved thinking should be released on anyone accused of “wrong think”

Well, maybe not me personally, but it seems at least one Democrat in Maryland is kind of doing a bit of threatening.

A Democratic Party leader in Maryland is facing criticism for last month posting on Facebook a call to “dox” gun rights activists.

Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard took to social media to post photos from a Maryland House Judiciary Committee meeting in late February, where gun rights activists wore “We Will Not Comply” shirts during the hearing on additional gun control measures, along with a message calling the advocates “homegrown terrorists” and calling on his followers to “dox” them.

“I hope the FBI runs the name of every witness who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘We Will Not Comply,’ Leonard said in one Facebook message. “They’re a bunch of terrorists in the making.”

In another message, Leonard posted a photo of a protestor along with the comment: “Time to dox some homegrown terrorists.”

Doxing is a practice of researching and broadcasting over the Internet the personal and private information of an individual or organization, normally with malicious intent.

That malicious intent is usually so they can be threatened and harassed.

When people ask why folks like me own guns, this is why. This is why we own guns. It’s because there are wannabe tin-pot dictators who think it’s OK to open their opposition up to harassment, threats, and freaking violence.

Observe what I call a totalitarian starter kit. Imagine this clown with real power. Yes, this asshat may look goofier than a pet coon, but, fanatics like him are dangerous, very dangerous


5 thoughts on “And the Left’s mask slips some more”

  1. So, where does Robbie Leonard live? Whats his home phone number? Where does his wife/husband work? And, what kind of name is “Robbie” for an adult?

    1. Exactly 50-100+ gun owners should DOX him. With one proviso NO ONE will be armed. NO GUNS< NO KNIVES NOTHING. AND SEE HOW HE LIKES IT.

  2. The conflict between tyrants and free men will come to a climax, how soon remains a question, but the tyrant class is increasingly agitated and provocative so I expect it any time.

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