Now Compliments are BAD!!!!!!

Another malcontent who is upset over being complimented

I was at one of those horrible clubs when I first heard it.

You know the ones ― bottle service in sweaty silver buckets with the veneer peeling off; startup bros and sales guys prattling on in indecipherable jargon; a tacky menu of tiny food littered with foam and microgreens. It was my friend’s birthday. She was turning 30.
Actually, I do not know of such clubs. I hate douchebags and the douche worthy places they go

She showed up with someone I didn’t recognize. They looked effortlessly chic and fresh in crisp summer whites and gleaming Ray-Bans. He told me that he was on the “sixth anniversary of his 29th birthday.” I was irritated at being made to do math and felt underwhelmed and insecure with my chipped nails and ripped jeans. He turned to my friend and said it ― the statement I’d start hearing as soon as I leveled up to 30. “Don’t worry about getting old, honey! You look 10 years younger than your age.”

Oh the unmitigated horror! One person saying something nice to another person? ARRGGHHHHH

So, why is this compliment so bad? Well allow Miss Poopy Attitude to explain

Secondly, this exercise in delusion puts a premium on youth and insults growing older.

We disclose our ages and the ages of our friends like apologies then immediately slap on the absurd statement that we (or they) look so much “younger.” This is ageism at its most insidious ― cloaked as a compliment.

Oh God, NO!! Not Ageism!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please go read the rest, and bring a vomit bag, maybe two. And, if  you run into this snowflake do not dare compliment her. Hell, tell her she looks like a old drunk who has failed rehab a dozen times. Maybe that will please her.

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