Yeah, about those hate hoaxers………

Some much needed wisdom from Animal

 In either an honor culture or a dignity culture – and between you and me, I’d prefer to live in the latter – there’s another compelling reason not to engage in hoaxes of this or any other reason, and that’s because both honor culture and dignity cultures tend to look down on dishonesty.

And that’s kind of the central point in a hoax, and there’s a word that I’ve not seen used nearly often enough in describing these kinds of hoaxers:  Liars.  They are lying about their supposed attackers, they are lying about why they were “targeted,” they were lying about the motivations of their non-existent aggressors, they were lying in an attempt to smear an entire demographic.  They are liars, pure and simple, and if a person will lie about one thing they will lie about anything.

Liar is a word that is thrown around too casually in some contexts, where it is applied to mean “something someone said that I disagree with,” and not often enough in its true sense, “claiming as truth something that is demonstrably false.”  Let’s fix that, and in so doing, not shy away from labeling actual liars as such.

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