Liberty is not possible for an unarmed society

Mike McDaniel has a great, piece up at his place. Go read it, here is a sample

Last week’s installment of this updated series asked a fundamental question: Do human beings have an unalienable right to self- defense? There is no question the founding fathers of our constitutional, representative republic believed they do, and they acknowledged–not created–that unalienable right in the Second Amendment. This was finally–in 2008 and 2010 respectively–affirmed in the Supreme Court’s decisions recognizing, for the first time in American history, that right: the Heller decision, and the McDonald decision,which applied the right to the states.

It is time to consider a second, related question:  DOES EVIL EXIST? 

Everyone who visits here knows I understand that evil does, indeed exist. Frankly, anyone that does not believe in the existence of evil is delusional at best. Back to McDaniel

The answer to this question represents a fundamental dividing line between conservatives/normal Americans and socialists, for that is what the contemporary Democratic Party has sadly become, that, and as recent revelations have revealed, a thinly veiled criminal enterprise involving powerful government agencies.  Socialists believe human beings–except themselves of course–are inherently racist, sexist, and a variety of other “ists,” but are perfectible.  This utopian perfection can be reached only through sufficient absolute socialist governmental power and the right kinds of ruinous taxes, redistribution of wealth, laws and regulations to make people behave in appropriate ways, to perfect them for their own good, a good they are unable to recognize or seek without the benevolent coercion of government.  These laws and regulations will be created and enforced by a small class of self-imagined elite “progressives” (the term they generally prefer, because people are catching on to “liberal” and “socialist”; who, after all, could be against progress?) who are, by virtue of their education, sophistication, beliefs and highly attuned sense of social justice (generally best understood as whichever social and economic policies, and useful victim groups, elite socialists prefer at the moment), already perfected.

For the socialist, the only true evil is resistance to the evolved social consciousness of the elite socialist.


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