More coerced inclusion

For God’s sake captain, where does it end!!!

A traditional Scottish competition of strength, skill and copious whisky consumption is set to become more inclusive after political pressure, even though a local trans group says none of its members have asked to participate.
Wait, no one wanted to force their way in. Maybe they will be forced to enter, because INCLUSION!

Ian Grieve, secretary of the Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA), which oversees 60 separate competitive festivals all over the country, has sent out a letter to its members saying that the traditionally male-dominated events may have to open up to women, and “it might not stop there.”

I shudder to think where it will stop. Of course, follow this to its natural conclusion. No group will be allowed to have anything because INCLUSION. And even those that will not want to be  included in this new inclusive inclusiveness will be forced to be included!

In the email Grieve included a link from Scottish Athletics, the official ruling body, that said starting from this year all of its events would include a non-binary category.

Good Freaking Grief!!

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