Today in Cultural Stalinism

There are several steps in destroying a nation. Destroying its history, and heritage is one of those

A George Washington University student senator hosted a panel Wednesday to discuss school spirit and the true connotation of the school’s Colonial mascot.

Titled “Is the GW Colonial Inclusive School Spirit?”, student Sen. Hayley Margolis planned the event. Margolis told The GW Hatchetbeforehand that the school’s current mascot, the “Colonial,” could interfere with inclusion at the school, claiming that it encourages oppression and hatred of different races.

GW is “a very diverse institution,” Margolis said, expanding on her remarks. “There are students that, if we were back in Colonial times, wouldn’t have been represented or treated equally. School spirit is something that should be based on equality.”

Student Association president Ashley Le noted in a January interview with The GW Hatchet that Jordan West, GW’s Inaugural Director of Diversity & Inclusion Education, is supportive of the students who are pushing to change the name of the mascot. West met with leaders of the student government in 2018 to discuss both the mascot as well as buildings named after whom they believe are objectionable historical figures.

Again, be very sure that this goes beyond “snowflakes” this is about destroying this nation. Don’t think so? Them ask yourself what area of America is not being attacked? The border? the language? History? Culture and heritage? Judeo-Christian values? Self-defense? Freedom of speech/religion/association? The family? Please find one area where America is not being attacked?

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