How to describe Socialism….

It works like this


And, idiots like this keep doubling down

Here’s a new idea from communist Democrats that’s sure to excite the communist left and piss off everyone else. Communist Washington Democrat Pramila Jayapal wants the American tax payer to pay illegal aliens reparations if they were separated from their families at the border. Seriously.

Jayapal appeared on MSNBC to talk about her interaction with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker during a House Judiciary hearing on Friday, where she asked him about family separations.

“Our country is still reeling from the horror of family separations that occurred at the border,” Jayapal said ahead of questioning Whitaker.

Jayapal told MSNBC host Joy Reid that the separations are “a heinous crime that has been committed on thousands of children.”

How about people separated from reality? Good Freaking Grief! Notice how fools like Jayapal NEVER EVER blame these kids parents? Parents who KNOW they are breaking laws and KNOW the inherent dangers?

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